Locally Grown Farm Fresh Food 

Elm Farm LLC 

-   ABOUT US  -

For more than 100 years, Elm Farm has been a part of the Woodstock dairy farming tradition. They continue this tradition as they see the seventh generation evolve into their place at the farm. Matthew and Christine Peckham along side with their four children, care for 400 head of dairy cows, beef cows, pigs, chickens and 2 adorable goats !  Matthew's roots to farming comes from his grandfather, Robert Peckham. Matthew understands the land through soil conservation and has pride for animal health care which has won him awards in his cooperative for Outstanding Quality of Milk. This is where Matthew has formed his mission, "Know where you're food comes from!"  It is with their great pleasure to diversify back to their heritage to peddling milk once again and beginning a new chapter at the farm! Providing their community with local grown farm fresh food as his great, great grandfather did, Clayton Peckham. Their Farm to Table Market will add a variety of their pork, beef, Cabot Cheese, produce, pasteurized Grade A milk and will be serving ice cream to their local community located in East Woodstock! By keeping Agriculture a part of their lives, the farm is sustainable for the next generation.